Happy New Year

Here’s to a Happy & Healthier New Year !!! May your garden prosper and your wallet be full.

It’s cold here therefore difficult to work in the garden. In winter is mostly getting rid of the dead weeds that grow around the islands, making sure everyone gets enough water, cover those plants more sensitive to cold, and watch the fall vegetable garden grow.

I’ve been working on this blog and have some new pages added. Feel free to take a look. There’s more to be added in the near future. Enjoy… The Gardens

Update on the Fall Garden

Lost some beets, broccoli and spinach to the little frost we had. Some of the broccoli leaves also suffered from the cold. I did cover them on the next little cold we had 37 degrees F is not freezing but didn’t want to take a chance. Anyway, replanted, broccoli, spinach and beet on a back yard planters on a Southern exposure with Northern protection from the green house. These have sprouted, we’ll see how they do. Here are some photos of the raised beds and the potted veggies.

So far we have broccoli, radishes, beets, spinach and garlic on the first bed. Second bed, there’s carrots, onions, blue scotch kale, Siberian kale and mesclum salad. On the pots on the last photo on the right, there’s Siberian kale and spinach, blue scotch kale, broccoli, beets, radishes, mesclum and left over sweet potatoes.

Fall Planting

The fall garden is in. Most of the seeds have sprouted except for the 10 year old seeds I decided to give a try. No problem still have carrot seeds will plant more of them, the dogs like carrots as much as I do.

First bed: broccoli, radishes, beets, spinach and garlic
Second bed: carrots, onions, curly kale, winter kale, mesclum, carrots and onions.

Update on the Veggie Garden

We’ve had a few  bugs, pollinators and unwanted visitors, yet the veggie garden continues to grow. The sweet potatoes have taken over their pot and bed, the beans are still growing and blooming, the tomatoes have suffered with the heat, however, the Florida everglades tomatoes are growing, and the peppers although I planted five of them only one is producing a lot, despise her little size. I have a mutant sweet basil, never have I had such a big basil, and the eggplant has grown and bloomed,  but drops all the flowers, I guess no eggplant this year. The bananas are growing, hope they set the flower before it gets too cold, I lost a hole bloom to cold.